Errandonneuring #1, #2, and #3

Mary, writer of Chasing Mailboxes and creator of most excellent riding challenges modeled after the structure of a randonnee, has unveiled a thing to do in February: errandonneuring.

I only completed two coffeeneuring controls last fall. I wasn’t really trying! I like the errandonneuring challenge because it somewhat relies on not trying—all the controls are things I have to do anyway. Hopefully, I’ll have to do all of them within a 12-day span, and the total mileage will equal thirty or more. I will be an accidental errandonneur.

If I’ve read the rules correctly, I’ve knocked off three different controls: I attended MoveDC’s Idea Exchange at the Martin Luther King Jr. library yesterday. (I’ll write about it for WABA’s blog soon; no need to say much here other than it was good to see a number of D.C. cyclists out in force.) On the way home, I stopped at District Taco for lunch. This evening, I went to the Adams Morgan Yes! to stock up on juicing supplies. So that covers a public meeting, a lunch (7.4 miles together), and a grocery store trip (2.1 miles, for a total of 9.5 miles).

Behold, Garmin outputs screenshotted from Strava:

errand errand2

I rarely take pictures of my rides, but here are some tangentially related shots:


Eric and I point like planners.


The results of two hours of collective juicing with Rebecca and Nelle.

I’ve got 20.5 miles and six errands (a bike shop, coffee or dessert, dinner, any store that’s not the grocery store, personal care and health, a library, work, and a wild card) to go. I live about a mile away from most of the things I do—including my job!—so sometimes I get lazy about running the Garmin, and my mileage is pretty low compared to many of those in #bikdc. But I’m interested to see how far I get.

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