Errandonneuring #4 and #5

Here’s my embarrassingly short ride to work. It’s about .75 miles one way if I ride on 16th Street, as I did on Monday. (Occasionally, I’ll take Mount Pleasant Street if I leave between 8 and 9 a.m., because 16th Street gets so trafficky.) There’s control #5, to and from work, adding 1.5 miles for a total of 11 miles.

errand 3

Here’s some stuff we do in my office:

Also, I was immensely proud of the traffic numbers on WABA’s blog earlier this week. My boss wrote an excellent post about why we oppose Maryland’s mandatory helmet law, and thanks to some crossposting and significant circulation (and, I guess, the fact that people really, really love to talk about helmets), Quick Release’s traffic peaked.


I am wondering if I can make anything I did yesterday count as an errandonnee, because my movement was very multi-modal. I rode to work, left my office around 3 p.m. for a quick ride (it was so gorgeous out!), and rode to L Street to watch the bike ambassadors do their thing. I then walked to Metro Center, took the Red line to Silver Spring, walked to the Silver Spring Civic Center for an Action Committee for Transit meeting about the Purple line, and walked to Quarry House for post-meeting margaritas and tacos. Then, I rode down Georgia for a last drink at DC Reynolds. If a beer counts as dessert, I can justify last night’s 4.2-mile ride from Quarry House to DC Reynolds as control #6, coffee or dessert, for a total of 15.2 miles so far.


Current errandonnee status: 14.8 miles and a bike shop, dinner, any store that’s not the grocery store, personal care/health, a library, and a wild card to go.

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