September and October Centuries/Life Aggregate

I’ve abandoned WordPress for Tumblr for the bazillionth time.

That said, I’m still riding centuries. After Cumberland Valley, I rode the New York City century, Backroads, and Seagull. You can click on those links and read my not-so-thought-out recaps on, yeah, Tumblr.

In between the latter two, I did an 80-miler on the W&OD. It was OK. I was cranky most of the day and asked Chris if we could turn around at Leesburg instead of completing a full century. We got some good sandwiches, but I still haven’t ridden the W&OD all the way to Purcellville.

Route- and snack-wise and overall, Cumberland Valley was my favorite organized century this season, but the others had their merits. The New York City century was a cool way to see parts of Queens I will never, ever go to again; I felt very strong for the majority of Backroads and maintained around 17MPH on the flats even when I was riding alone; I was able to pace with Chris for the entirety of Seagull and we finished in 5:37, which I’m incredibly, incredibly proud of.

Here’s a picture of me looking happy at Backroads:

Century season is over, but I’m committed to the one-per-month thing, especially since I’m getting faster.

I did not work out whatsoever* after Seagull and thought I could maybe continue to live my life like that, but I went to a yoga class for the first time in two weeks tonight (the longest this entire year, I think). I was reminded that I feel absolutely awful when I don’t get some sort of physical activity, and that it has mental benefits, too. I’m still eating pretty poorly—like, hey, there was free pizza at work today and that was my lunch—but one of the effects of biking considerable distances every weekend, plus routine hot yoga and some krav maga, is the desire and ability to eat literally everything without gaining weight. Also, I’ve dropped dairy and gluten at points and it’s done nothing to help my cystic acne, which is the one thing I would do absolutely anything to fix.**

I spent my birthday in New York. That was fun! Thanks to Bec for hosting me and for urging me to ride the New York City century. We looked pretty good at the end, I think.

Work is bonkers. Our membership drive is next week and I’ve written about 5,000 words in blog and email content just in advance. You can join WABA now to compensate for the absolutely insane amount of effort that goes into not just our communications channels, but our advocacy, outreach, education, events, and development programming.

My friends got married in St. Louis this past weekend. It was a beautiful wedding at the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum, which is a phenomenal space. Other friends DJed the thing and played, notably, “Run Joe” and “Da Butt” (Ryan and Brendan also make music as Tereu Tereu and released an album recently, which you should listen to). St. Louis was cool, but it was a wedding weekend and so I didn’t explore as much as I might on a normal trip. That said: The City Museum is worth all the hype piled upon it. Congratulations to Jon and Abra and thanks for throwing all of us a killer party with a delicious menu.

I dropped out of grad school. Maybe I’ll write about why I did so at some point, but the tl;dr version is that I’m infinitely happier and that I cannot in good faith recommend an even tangentially liberal-artsy graduate program to anyone. I’m enrolled in a distance-learning GIS certificate program through Penn State that’s just getting underway, and I’m excited about what I’ll learn through it.

My Murakami reading project is progressing. Notably, IQ84 is terrible literature but captivating in a way that I haven’t experienced in a long time. I’ve finished, I think, six titles in total. I do have a Goodreads account that I’m surprisingly diligent at updating.

Matt, Justin, and I DJed at Black Cat as Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault. We played a whole bunch of obnoxious pop-punk and mid-’90s emo that some of you may characterize as regrettable. I understand the impetus to mock this, but we had the busiest Couch Night in over a decade and sold the downstairs bar out of PBR. The super-talented Ryan Ford made a beautiful poster for the night. We will surely have a Bad Scene redux and I look forward to your disgust being posted on Facebook. Here’s a photo of us dressed in the same outfits we wore in 2002, probably:

I have a lot of great ideas for things to write about here, but I usually end up listening to Archers of Loaf instead.

*I used the hotel gym in St. Louis. Twice. One of those times I ran three miles. It was horrible.

**Except maybe go on Accutane. Accutane seems scarier than oozing sores, even.

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  1. brentsower says:

    I can’t believe you ride 100 miles on a bike regularly. So impressive. Seriously.


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