2014 Resolutions


I partied on New Year’s Eve. It looked like this.

I babbled about stuff I want to do in 2014 on my Tumblr, but here’s a much more actionable list. (Last year, I tried to break my resolutions down by month and, of course, completely fell off that wagon by, like, March.)

Stop buying clothes: For me, buying clothes is throwing away money because my job doesn’t have a dress code. There’s no need for me to look professional on a regular basis; I can wear jeans and a T-shirt every day. Additionally, I now have enough technical gear for biking and other outdoor activities that I don’t need to stock up when there’s a great sale. The only purchases I should be making, clothes-wise, are replacements for necessary items (a pair of pants only lasts me about six months). 

Use stuff up: Tangential to “stop buying clothes,” I have quite a bit of stuff—notably, beauty products and books. There is absolutely no reason for me to buy new shampoo, face wash, or contemporary fiction novels in 2014 when I can use or reread what I’ve got.

Read 52 books in a year: It is insane that I haven’t done this yet. I love reading and I’m a fast reader. In 2013, I kept better track of the books I read than ever before—and it turned out I only read 34. Reading 52 books in 2014 will help me in my efforts to reread books I already own, too.

Better professional positioning: I have not been quiet about talking about my boyfriend’s move to San Francisco. He’s leaving, like, now. I’m pretty miserable about that! It is an option for me to join him after he has had some time to figure out how his life there will work, but I’m not moving across the country unless I can find a job that makes sense for me financially and professionally. I have a great job at WABA and I’ve got a lot of cool stuff on my plate for the next year (website redesign!), but it’s a small nonprofit and ultimately, there will be a point where the lack of potential for mobility there will be an issue. I’ve worked high-intensity jobs in small offices since I’ve graduated college and I’ve gained a lot from that. I’d like to be in a more corporate setting, with potential for an upward trajectory, within the year. Ideally, I’d also be in San Francisco.

Dental health: I saw my dentist a few weeks ago and he said there was a measured improvement in my (already pretty good) dental health. I haven’t done anything differently, but last year, I resolved to floss daily and I did a pretty good job with that. This year: Use more mouthwash.

Fitness: I go to, like, a bunch of yoga classes a week. Last year, I was doing Crossfit sporadically and, once I stopped that, I signed up for krav maga. I like both a lot but my track record of regularly attending either has been miserable. I want a high-powered workout in my schedule—yoga isn’t enough—but I need to figure out and get over whatever is keeping me from doing it consistently (intimidation? Stress?). I get negative about my body when I’m not working out so, more than the potential to get stronger or more toned, the fact that I feel better about myself if I’m doing something physically difficult is a huge incentive. 

Ride a century per month: This is separate from “fitness” because it’s a fun goal that I was close to achieving, until November and December got sad and stressful and I didn’t get my bike out for anything but riding to work. Last year, I rode seven centuries (some organized, some on my own), and it got to the point where riding 100 miles wasn’t painful at all! I’d like to do that again. 

Save money: I have casually saved 20 percent of my paychecks when it’s not too much trouble, but I’m not strict about that so I spend more than I save for no particular reason other than laziness. If I diligently save 20 percent of my paychecks and 50 percent of my freelance income—I’m freelancing more now, and it’s stressful but great—then I should easily clear $10,000 in savings by the end of the year.

Get my eyebrow game on point: I still have no idea how to do this, but I am going to do it, and I’m going to love looking at my face every time I pass a mirror.

One Comment on “2014 Resolutions”

  1. Lauren says:

    Re: eyebrow resolution. At some point in my adolescence, some glorious and beautiful person taught me the eyebrow pencil trick. I don’t remember this person, but they changed my life. My brows often get compliments and it has since become my mission to prosthelytize the method.
    It took me some googling to find it, but here’s the step by step: http://www.hairfinder.com/make-up/perfectbrow.gif

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