The Chapter In Your Life Entitled

I was in San Francisco for nearly three weeks, from mid-February to the beginning of March.

Now, I’m moving there.

Last Thursday, I accepted a job with design megafirm Gensler, with its San Francisco office’s marketing team. I’m terrified; excited; panicked about moving myself and my stuff across the country; worried about saving money; happy to know that in less than a month, I’ll be in the same city as my boyfriend; and thrilled to be working for a company I’ve had eyes for since I did that one-year stunt in architecture school.

Things have been so crazy that I haven’t had time to finish the giant post I started about my visit. I’ll revisit that later and likely repackage it with my observations from living out there once my life calms down.(Short notes: lines everywhere; cash-only places everywhere; surprisingly few Google Glass sightings; Free Gold Watch is the coolest; everything is naturally beautiful; it’s stupid-easy to enjoy San Francisco and I get why people fetishize it there.)

I’ve been in D.C. proper for four years, in the immediate metro area for five, and—save for my freshman year at University of Colorado—in the region for my entire life. I don’t take leaving here lightly, and wouldn’t be going if it weren’t for what I believe will be an incredible career experience. D.C. is the best place in the world. The people in my life are the best I never knew I was allowed to ask for. The thought of losing the closeness and easy social flow I’ve established here is devastating. But this move is a net good, I think—and who knows what might happen to you then?

One Comment on “The Chapter In Your Life Entitled”

  1. rootchopper says:

    I am really excited for you. I lived in Berkeley and worked in San Francisco for a summer when I was 24. It was too short a time. What an incredibly beautiful place to live. Unlike you, I lucked into my San Francisco experience but you earned this. You’ve worked hard, probably too hard at times. Once you get settled leave some time to take it all in.

    The question isn’t whether you’ re ready for Gensler, it’s whether Gensler is ready for you. I am certain they’ll quickly adapt because you are totally worth it. Please re-read the previous two sentences substituting “Chris” for “Gensler”.

    Thanks for picking me out of that crowd in Baltimore. It’s been fun riding and hanging with you these last couple of years. Vios con dios.

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