Errandonnee #9, 10, and 11

It’s almost Feb. 20, so I’m sneaking in one last errandonnee update. I don’t have Garmin outputs or Strava maps, because I either didn’t turn the thing on or it deleted itself (has anyone plugged their Garmin into their computer and gotten a loud, continuous beeping noise? That happened to me the other day! And then all my ride data got erased!).

But I did complete the erradonnee—accidentally, as I expected!

I rode to Lydia’s house for dinner last Saturday night. She lives about a mile from me, so that’s two miles there and back.

On Sunday, I posted up at Tryst with a book, Seven Types of Ambiguity. I’m not a D.C. Library patron (I’m not even a member!), so I’m going to count that as my library stop. I was reading there for over two hours, anyway. I rode from Pat’s house in Columbia Heights to Tryst, which is about a mile and a half.

On Monday, I went from Rice on 14th Street, where I had lunch with Bec, to BicycleSpace to buy an extra tube for the tires on the Wabi; I rode to College Park* that night, and wanted to have 650C tubes on me in the event that I needed to fix a flat. Google Maps tells me that’s about a mile, so that counts for about 3.7 miles including my return trip (my apartment in Mount Pleasant is 2.7 miles from BicycleSpace).

That’s the errandonnee. I squeaked in just over 30 miles. I’ll print and fill out the control card when I’m at my office tomorrow, and perhaps ruminate on how it worked here in a bit.

*I’m not counting it for the errandonnee, but my ride to/from College Park is just under 20 miles. I’ll blog about that later.