Errandonneuring #6, #7, and #8

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day. I drank a tallboy of Steel Reserve and listened to a lot of pop-punk. Since I tend to win men over with my ability to consume certifiably terrible malt liquor and my extensive knowledge of bands on Drive-Thru Records circa 2003, it was a successful occasion.

I wasn’t capable of staying inside today, so I didn’t. My errandonnee control card benefitted: I knocked off the personal care/health control with a morning doctor’s appointment and the any-store-that’s-not-a-grocery-store control when I stopped at Red Onion.

I did a bunch of other things, too: I dropped some clothing off at the dry cleaner on my way back to my office after my doctor’s appointment, then met Brian for lunch at Siam House in Cleveland Park, where we, oddly enough, spent more time talking about D.C. politics than poodles. After chatting with Josh and Sam (a new WABA member!) and picking up the new Pissed Jeans album at Red Onion*, I got my septum pierced at Tattoo Paradise (it’s been over a month since I’ve modified my body in some way so, you know, it was time). I got cash from the Bank of America ATM on Columbia Road, then stopped by Crooked Beat to buy a ticket to tonight’s Evens show at St. Stephen’s.

At work, I continued to tweak the monstrosity that is WABA’s monthly print newsletter until I decided it was time to quit. As I walked into my apartment, my coworker called to ask if I could come back to the office and let her in so that she could get her keys. I rode back to WABA via Mount Pleasant Street and returned home on 16th Street. I’m counting this as my wild-card errandonnee.

I’m counting all my miles ridden today, eleven, toward the errandonnee—not because I want to succeed (I want to succeed!) but because today was one long string of errands, even if some weren’t control-card-able. I didn’t bother to bring the Garmin with me on my last ride to and from WABA, so those last miles (I’ll say two miles) aren’t on this map:


Things I learned today:

  • Siam House has a pretty good lunch special.
  • The new Pissed Jeans album is great.
  • Septum piercings don’t hurt.
  • No record store is stocking the new Veronica Falls.
  • I can and will spend 40 minutes adjusting a text box to the one-thousandth of an inch.
  • Beer is a Chasing Mailboxes-approved dessert.

Current errandonnee status: 3.8 miles and a bike shop, dinner, and a library to go.

*I gave Josh a big stack of D.C. bike ambassador spoke cards to leave out at Red Onion. If you want some sweet-looking swag for your bike and also enjoy supporting local record stores, you should go to Red Onion, buy an album, and take a spoke card.