I made you a mix of what I listened to this month. Download it here (choose “0113”).

  1. “High Low” – The Band in Heaven
  2. “Sweet Honey” – Carousels
  3. “Cherry” – Chromatics
  4. “Heart Strings” – Dark Arts
  5. “Even the Blind” – Echo Lake
  6. “Youth Conspiration” – future
  7. “Made for You” – Honeyslide
  8. “Ghost Highway” – Mazzy Star
  9. “Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse” – Minus the Bear
  10. “Sleepwalker” – Moon Duo
  11. “Cathouse” – Pissed Jeans
  12. “Bent Out of Shape” – Replacements
  13. “Broken Toy” – Veronica Falls

This is a good illustration of my predictable taste in music. I like drone-y shoegaze and token punk songs. If I were better about convincing you to pay for the music you like, I would include links to Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages for the above artists, but you should probably buy the music you like anyway. I know you’re capable of Googling, if you care.