I live in Cleveland, OH. I grew up in Maryland, and Washington, D.C., will forever and always be my home. I spent some time in San Francisco, but I don’t miss it.

I’ve worked for global design and construction firms, a nonprofit, a startup, and an alt-weekly. I’ve written, marketed, communicated, researched, planned, project-managed, art-directed, outreached, and organized too many things in my career to count. The best of them, though, relate to transportation, urban design, sustainability, and land use, which are the areas about which I care the most. I love municipal regulations and politics and believe in addressing structural issues.

My day job, until recently, was running Cleveland’s bikeshare system. I serve on the board of Bike Cleveland. I work on transit advocacy through Clevelanders For Public Transit. Right now, I write about, advise, and semi-sort-of consult on mobility stuff while moving between D.C. and Cleveland.

I have Bachelor of Arts degrees in American studies and English from University of Maryland; for the former, I successfully defended a thesis about gentrification and displacement in Anacostia. Following that, I earned a certificate in GIS through Penn State’s online World Campus, took a few visual design courses, and completed General Assembly’s eight-week User Experience Design training. Right now, I’m earning a Master of Public Administration and Policy through American University.

I like my cat and reading books on my porch. I also like noisy, fuzzy rock music and sampling various amaros. Bruto Americano is my current favorite.

I have a Tumblr, a Twitter, and an Instagram, among other things. I started this blog with the intent of writing longer, more thoughtful pieces about things that don’t fit into the platforms I use regularly. That hasn’t happened. It’s a personal blog on a good day, and in my dreams makes up for the journalism career I started, but didn’t complete.

Say hello here.

“Is this heaven? No, it’s Cleveland,” courtesy.

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